Vanessa Alfred - Owner and Operator of AMBS

Alfred Medical Billing Solutions, LLC

Specializing in Medical Billing Practice Management/ IT Services.

As the owner of Alfred Medical Billing Solutions, we bring to you over 20 years of experience in medical billing, health insurance reimbursement with a specialty in rehabilitation billing. AMBS, owner Vanessa Alfred is also a Certified Professional Biller with the American Academy of Professional Coders (AAPC).


Our qualifications include, but are not limited to: medical billing and coding, insurance verifications, authorizations, and single- case agreements and collections. We strive to be an extension to your practice by relating to your patients and helping them with their patient financial obligations.


Vanessa's passion for medical billing and health insurance reimbursement developed as a result of her son being diagnosed with a rare medical condition. Medical bills piled up and it became a normal routine to fight with insurance companies trying to get his medical bills paid. She found numerous billing errors which resulted in many hours of phone calls to various billing departments and the insurance company. She was then inspired to to help not only other patients experiencing simular issues but the physicians as well as they held her son's best interest in mind. She felt an obligation to obtain the appropriate reimbursement for her son's physicians. She also wanted to save others the troubles she experienced and wanted to provide services she knew were beneficial to both physicians and their patien'ts alike. 


Vanessa's son received the care he needed with professionals who knew how to help him. Her work as a medical biller and coding professional is dedicated to helping  families and service providers, respectively, to receive and provide the services necessary to ensure a smooth flow for both the medical practice and their patients.

Certified as a qualified third party billing company by New Jersey Department of Banking and Insurance.