Dr. Paul G.Marcincin MD


Excellent Biller

"I hired Vanessa over 6 months ago.  She is an excellent biller.  She substantially raised the bottom line of my practice in short order.  She knows all the ins and outs of medical billing.  She corrected all of the glitches in my billing approach and streamlined collections from all of the insurance companies.  She takes billing so seriously as if it were her own company.  She is totally trustworthy and is the nicest person as well.  I have been in practice for thirty years and she is my best biller by far".


Paul G. Marcincin MD-- Dermatologist Bethlehem Pa.


Dr. A. Pitts

"I have used Alfred Medical Billing Company for a few years now, in my private practice. Vanessa has immediately captured payments that were missed months prior to AMBS coming onboard. She has dilligently worked to get my medical billing in order and I thank her for that. I now have a smooth billing process that I m very grateful for and look forward to a continued working relationship with AMBS".

Briana Evans

"Working with Alfred Medical Billing has been a wonderful experience. Vanessa not only began submitting my claims right away, but she also helped me improve the efficiency of my intake process. With Vanessa's help I can notw verify new patients benefits and eligibility in less than 24 hours, which allows me to accept more patients and increase my earnings. Working with Vanessa was the best decision to help grow my business".

H. James Phillips
Owner, Bergen P.T. Associates

"I have had fantastic results using AMBS over the last few years. Cash flow has never been better, and old claims that I had almost giene up on were promptly paid with Vanessa's tenacious efforts. A great service at a fair price!".